Thursday, December 8, 2016

Vacation Photos Look Flat? Let Us Make Them Amazing!

So many people are using the cameras in their phones, and the quality has greatly improved over the years. BUT, that said, when the camera picks the ISO, shutter speed and aperture, the results are not always what one would like to see. Let's look at few examples of photos taken with an iPhone 6s. The after photos show what we can do at J. Greller to bring out the beauty of the original.


Notice that the ledge in the original was removed and the photo on the right looks more brilliant.

What a difference!

Dark shadow in the bottom right corner needed to be removed,
and the lovely architecture should've popped!


Do you like these results? Would you like to make your photos more amazing? Drop us an email and see how much we charged this customer. You will be pleasantly surprised.