Restoration Pricing


Minor Restoration (from $45.00)
Remove minor scratches, rips, stains, dust and creases
Fix minor discoloration/fading                                                 

Moderate Restoration (from $65.00)
Fix moderate discoloration/fading,
water damage, creases, background and ripped edges
Remove moderate scratches                                                   

Major Restoration (from $100.00+)
Reconstruct facial damage, missing parts of the photo
Fix major discoloration/fading, creases, ripped edges
 and severe stains                                                                    


Red Eye Removal or Sepia Toning • FREE when included in any job

Colorizing a Photo • from $55.00

Change color to parts in a photo, i.e. hair color, clothing • from $55.00

Add/Remove people/objects in photo • from $60.00

Digital plastic surgery • from $50.00

Pricing is based on the complexity of the cover • from $50.00

We will ship your files on CD for $8.00 plus S&H

Please email your photos with detailed instructions. We will give you a firm quote and recommendations before work begins. We will tell you the exact price and will not begin work until you approve. Evaluation is necessary because each job is very different from the next job. All estimates are FREE.

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