How is my photograph restored? 
Each photo is scanned and saved into our computer. We make the changes on this copy and your original photo is untouched and returned to you. We use the original as a reference for repairs and adjustments.

I am not comfortable sending my photographs in the mail. What should I do? 
It is understandable that if you have only one copy of a precious photograph, you might not want to send it through the mail. The safest (and quickest) method of sending us your photos is to scan them and  e-mail them to us. All scans must be done at 600 DPI and in 24 bits for high quality, and must be at original size. When you do this, your file will be very large, sometimes as much as 50  megabytes or more. Once you have the image scanned, you need to get it to us. You can either burn a CD and mail it to us, or upload it to Google Drive, where very large files can be shared. (Google Drive Help shows you how to share files.) If you don't own a scanner, bring the photo(s) to a store like FedEx Office, which offers this service. They can scan your photos and put them on a CD.

How do I send a photo to J. Greller Restorations?
Our email address is jgrellerdigital7@gmail.com  This is the email account you can share your Google Drive 
file with after uploading. You can also snail mail your files on CD. 
(We do not recommend sending your only copy of a photo.)

Our address is: J. Greller175 Rochelle Ave. Suite 125, Rochelle Park, NJ 07662

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